Capital: Ottawa; Time difference: GMT -4, -5, -6, -7; Total Area: 9,984,670 km2; Population: 34,030,589; Age Demographics: 0-14: 15.7%, 15-64: 68.5%, 65+: 15.9%; Languages: English, French; Government Type: Parliamentary democracy, a federation, and a constitutional monarchy; Currency: Canadian Dollar (CAD); Exchange rate: 1.0346 CAD = 1 USD (2010); GDP (per capita): $39,400 USD;


Canada offers several opportunities under various Entrepreneur and Provincial Nominee Programs. Therefore, some province in Canada has their own unique program inviting business immigrants who they believe will contribute to the economy of their province.
The core requirement under such programs is to establish a business in the respective province with a substantial investment.
As this program requires selection by respective province initially, there are two steps required in such programs: 1) A selection at the provincial level and then
2) admissibility/acceptance at the Federal level.

The processing times are very long in such type of applications and beside the province of Quebec no other province has a dedicated immigration ministry running PNP programs. It important to mention that new immigrants are required to settle in the province that has selected them.

For further information about eligibility, investment and processing under this category please contact our office.


  • Have at least two years of business experience in the past five years, in a lawful and profitable business (agricultural, industrial or commercial), controlling at least 25% of the capital equity
  • Have a minimum net worth of CAD $300,000 acquired through lawful economic activities
  • Respect the conditions for entrepreneurs after they arrive in Quebec, that is, After arriving in Quebec as Permanent Resident, the Entrepreneur Program requires you to meet the condition of establishing or acquiring a percentage of equity (at least 25% with a value of at least CAD $100,000) in a qualifying business in Quebec that you must actively manage or Invest CAD $100,000 in your own business and create job for at least 1 Canadian citizen or permanent resident


Quebec selects applicants that qualify under its Immigrant Investor Program and grants them a Quebec Selection Certificate. This document allows applicants and their families to request a Permanent Residence and
obtain a condition-free visa from the Federal Government of Canada, and ultimately the right to apply for citizenship after meeting residency requirements.



The below summarized process is based on the requirements that need to be followed for a Permanent Residency application of a foreign investor through Canadian Federal Authorities. Carte Blanche Immigration Services has outlined the below procedures by combining current timelines of local government institutions as well as the actual process our clients have experienced.

The procedure can be broken down into four basic steps, which the main applicant will have to go through. Some of them require his/her involvement. All of the steps are dependent on the successful completion of the previous step.

MONTH 1-2 STEP 1 Preparation and submission of File.
Carte Blanche Immigration Services shall help its
clients to prepare and file the completion application.
Quebec Government Application fees are to be paid at this stage.
Quebec Immigration Authorities will issue file number.
MONTH 3-9 STEP 2 Quebec Immigration Authorities will send a
request to update the file.
STEP 3 Interview Stage: Applicant will either be requested
for an interview or it will be waived.
STEP 4 Following a file’s acceptance, Applicant will be
issued a conditional Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ).

MONTH 1-2 STEP 1 Once CSQ has been received, applicant can lodge
application to the Federal Immigration Authorities.
During this process, applicant will be subjected to medical,
security and background checks.
MONTH 09-12 STEP 2 Upon completion of the above verifications
the Canadian Permanent Residence Visa is issued.
Right of Landing fees are to be paid at this stage.
Applicant and family are welcome to arrive in Canada as
Permanent Residents through an initial entry point in Quebec.