There are several reasons why people choose to relocate to Canada. The country offers free health care, good schools and great work opportunities. Canada appreciates skilled workers and professionals and hence offers an immigration program especially for skilled workers. Under the Express entry program, workers are selected to be permanent residents based on their education, work experience, fluency in English or French and economic status.

Overview of the Express Entry Program

The Express Entry program is intended for people who wish to work and reside in areas outside Quebec. As of January 2015, applications under this program are processed through the Canadian Express Entry immigration selection system. To be eligible for this program one must first create an online Express Entry profile to express interest in moving to Canada. From here on candidates will be ranked by a Comprehensive Ranking System. The candidates with the highest ranks will then be considered for an invitation of permanent residency. Once invited, candidates have 60 days to complete and submit forms for permanent residency.


The Comprehensive Ranking System assesses individual on the basis of 6 factors. These include age (12 points), education (25 points), fluency in English (16 points), fluency in French (8 points), work experience (15 points), adaptability (10 points) and arranged employment (10 points). To be eligible the applicant must obtain a minimum of 67 points. Other criteria that must be met include:

  • Minimum 1 year of continuous full time employment or equivalent paid work experience;
  • Have sufficient funds to support themselves and their dependents;
  • Be of sound physical and mental health;
  • Have a full time job offer from a Canadian employer or qualify for Arranged Employment In Canada;
  • Pass a fluency test in English or French language.