To apply for the Canada tourist visa, Canada visitor visa, Canada visit visa the following eligibility criteria should be met
  • Applicants must demonstrate that they possess sufficient funds to support themselves and their family for the entire period of their visit
  • Applicants must not intend to seek or undertake a job
  • Applicants should have no criminal record and intend to strictly comply with the laws of the country
  • Applicants may be required to undergo medical examination
  • Applicants who might stay either with their relatives or friends should also provide invitation letter
Following are the three categories of visit visas
  • Single entry Visitor Visa

    This visa category allows the applicants to visit Canada once for a period of 6 months. However, the applicant can apply for an extension of a minimum 30 days before the expiry of the original visa, when they are in Canada

  • Multiple Entry Visitor Visa

    Under this visa category, applicants can travel to and fro from Canada on many occasions within the validity period of the Canadian travel visa. The applicant must specify the length of time he/she requires and the time awarded subsequently depends on the case officer

  • Transit Visa

    This category in designed for the people transiting through Canada on the way to another destination, the length of stay should be no longer than 48 hours



Canadian Temporary Resident Visa / Visitor Visa is a temporary visa allowing tourists, Short term visitors who are travelling for business purpose to visit Canada for a maximum of six months. The duration of the visitors stay is decided by the visa officer at the port of entry.

Visitors are not permitted to work on this visa and are expected to leave Canada before the visa expires. Applicants can visit Canada along with their dependents and children.


  • The Canada tourist visa / Visitor visa / Temporary Visitor visa allows you to travel throughout Canada and visit Canada’s many attractions
  • You can visit family and friends
  • Visitors can also register for short courses relating to courses of areas of general interest, or to learn English or French
  • Visitors can meet with prospective employers or recruiters in pursuit of employment opportunities

Spouse, common law partner and dependent children over 18 years of age are required to apply individually for their own visiting visas and meet the appropriate criteria.


APPLICATION FEES: To be paid to Embassy
  • Single / Multiple Entry CAN $100
  • Visitor visa fee (family) CAN $500
  • Transit Visa (for less than 48 hours in Canada)
Carte Blanche Immigration Services fee includes all the following services

Each application before being accepted by CBIS is evaluated by experienced Canadian Immigration Lawyers / Paralegal staff. We only accept applications that we are confident will be a success.

Our Service includes the following upon retaining a client:

  • Professional advice regarding the application procedure
  • Advising you on how to present your case so the chances of a personal interview in minimized
  • Advising you on finances to be shown
  • Assisting the client in completing the forms and Documentation
  • Providing Application kit
  • Submission of application to the relevant government authorities
  • *Petition Filing (if due to any reason the application is refused, CBIS shall file a petition with the Government challenging the officers decision)
  • Updates & Regular Follow up with the Consulate / Embassy
  • Interview preparation if necessary

* Indicates additional charges for the service. These services are provided at an additional cost.