Malta Citizenship by Investment Program Introduction:

The republic of Malta is a chain of Islands located south of the Italian island of Sicily between Europe and North Africa with the capital city being Valletta. The total area being 122 sq miles.

The country is part of European Union, having joined on May 2004 and part of Schengen zone since 2007. The Maltese Lira was supplemented by the euro on January 2008.

Malta is a nonpartisan, sheltered and stable nation with an agreeable people carrying on with an European way of life yet with a Mediterranean quality of life. It is a thickly populated nation with most of the population living in the north of the country. The current population of Malta stands at approximately 419,000.

Malta is popular holiday destination and tourism is the nation’s main source of income.

Brief summary of Malta Citizenship by Investment Program:

Authoritatively known as IIP – Individual Investor Program was set up by the Maltese government in 2014 by with a cap of 1,800 applications to be accepted and granted citizenship. Applicants and their family members with children below the age of 27 could be included in the application provided the children are under continuous education.

The Individual Investor Program (IIP) rules accommodate wealthy people of flawless standing to be granted naturalization and to obtain Maltese citizenship on the assurance of a commitment to and investment in Malta. All applications are subject a through Due Diligence process before grant of citizenship. Until present day, around 1,100 applications have been approved and granted citizenship based on them meeting the above requirements.

Benefits of Malta Citizenship (IIP) Program:

  • An opportunity for High net worth Individuals (HNI) to become a citizen of European union with visa free travel to more than 166 nations, including European Union (Schengen zone), United States, United Kingdom, Canada etc.;
  • Citizenship is granted for life and can be passed on to descendants at no additional costs involved;
  • Maltese citizens are eligible to work, live, study in any of the European union countries;
  • Application for citizenship is processed in 12 months’ time;

Application Process:

Citizenship Application Process

0 to 3 Months Step 1 Apply for Residence; Formal Application by AccreditedPerson / Agent with initial deposit of overall contribution amount;
3 to 4 Months Step 2 In-principal approval
4 to 5 Months Step 3 Formal Request for paying balance of contribution (within 30 days);
5 to 8 Months Step 4 Evidence of property purchase and investment (bank deposit)
12 Months Step 5 Oath of allegiance / Naturalization certificate issued and subsequently passport

Malta Investment Options:

Maltese Citizenship VS Maltese Residency Requirements

Maltese Citizenship Maltese Residency
Residence Status Residence for one year (issued within 5-10 days) until citizenship is granted. Indefinite stay subject to compliance with rules and payment of min. tax.
Contribution/Donation €650,000 + 25/50K for dependents €30,000
Property Investment €350,000 €320,000 (South Malta, Gozo) or €270,000 (rest of Malta)
Rental Option in lieu of Purchase €16,000 p.a. x min. 5 yrs €10,000 – €12,000pa.
Investment in Approved Bonds €150,000 for minimum 5 yrs 0
Minimum annual tax n/a €15,000 per family
Basics of Taxation Source + Remittance basis while resident. Source basis if non-resident Remittance basis
Special Tax Rate n/a 15% on foreign source income remitted to Malta.
Professional Fees €55,000 – detailed quotation provided on demand for family applications. Favourable fee arrangements apply to more than one family applying together. detailed quotation provided on demand for family applications.