Portugal – Golden Visa Program

Country Facts:

Area: South-Western Europe, Capital: Lisbon; Time Difference: GMT +1; Total Area: 92,212 Km2; Population: 2014 Estimate – 10,427,301; Language: Portuguese, Mirandes; Age Structure: 0-14 years: 16.1%, 16-64 years: 65.7%, 65 years and more than: 18.1%; Life hope during childbirth: 78.7 years; Religion: Catholicism: 81%, Other Christianity: 3.3%, Others: 0.6%, No Religion: 6.8%, Undeclared: 8.3%; Government sort: Unitary Semi — Presidential established republic; Currency: EURO; Exchange rate: 1 EUR = 4.60 AED (fluctuating).

Portugal Golden Visa Program Introduction:

PortugalGolden Visa Program was propelled by the Portuguese Authorities in October 2012 as a fast track option for foreign investors from non-EU nations to get a completely substantial residency permit in Portugal under the “Golden Visa Program”.

Under the Golden Visa program, non-EU citizens basically need to complete one of the investments set out in the law to meet all requirements to acquire a residency permit in Portugal. This residency permit will allow the investor and his family membersto enter and additionally live in Portugal and to travel freely within the vast majority ofEuropean Countries (Schengen space). Under Portugal’s General Immigration Law, Children over the age of 18 years old and various other dependent family members also qualify if they are still dependent and are in continuous education.

Aimed at attracting foreign investment to Portugal, the Golden Visa is an extremely direct and adaptable program, with straightforward and clear legitimate necessities. With extremely reduced least stay necessities, the Golden Visa is obviously a standout amongst the most attractive residency programs for investors in the planet.

Portugal Residency Program / Citizenship Requirement:

Personal Requirements:

  1. Not being an EU or EEA resident or Citizen
  2. Not having been convicted of a crime punishable of over 1 year imprisonment

Investment Requirements

  1. Investment of at least €500,000 in property inside Portugal or investment of €350,000 in property in designated areas; OR
  2. An investment leading to the formation of not less than 10 permanent new employments in Portugal; OR
  3. An investment of at least €1M in money related items or organization offers.
  4. The investment must be held by the applicant for not less than 5 years.

Stay Requirements:

  1. Under the “Golden Visa” program there are extreme stay prerequisites for you to maintain your temporary residence permit;
  2. You are required to spend at least 7 days in a year in Portugal for the next five years. The Portuguese border agency may require to see proof that you followed these minimum stay requirement for renewal of visa and to issue permanent residency at the end of 5 year period.

Portugal Citizenship Program Eligibility Criteria:

  • Upon successful completion of 5 years of temporary residence permit, you areeligible to apply for Permanent Resident Visa, which is influenced by extent if you have met the minimum 7 days of stay requirements over the 5 year period.
  • After completion of 6 months period from the issuance of Permanent residence visa, you are eligible to apply for Portuguese citizenship provided you meet the few mandatory requirements.
  • To be more than 18 years of age
  • To have held legitimate residency for not less than 6 years
  • To have “adequate” learning of the Portuguese language
  • Not to have been sentenced for a crime that may be deserving of at least 3 years imprisonment under Portuguese law.

Benefits of Portugal Residency Program:

  • Live, work and go to School/Universities in Portugal after getting residency for all family members.
  • Processing duration within 4 monthsafter making the investment.
  • No age restrictions.
  • Choice to acquire permanent resident status following 5 years of having made the initial investment.
  • Choice to obtain Portuguese citizenship provided meeting the 6 years of maintaining the mandatory residency status and the investment.
  • Residency extended to other dependent family members

Portugal Residency Program Procedure and Timeline:

The application procedure compressed below depends on the required procedure that ought to be trailed by all candidates for acquiring Permanent Residency and Citizenship under Golden Visa Program.


Application and Government Fees:

The government fees keep varying, hence we advise you to contact us for the latest updates on the fees.

CBC advisory fees associated with the program is decided on a case to case basis. The fees are based on the number of dependents, country of origin, residence and other retained services. Do get in touch with us to get a quote.