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Carte blanche has a very professional personals specially like Mr. Mustafa. They are guiding with the easiest and shortest ways for your visa's and immigration needs I am the one of the witnesses who succeed to have European Visa and considering carte blanche my single solution for Immigration or and any kind of visa consultant.



Dominica gains its independence from the British territory in 1978. This island State member of the Commonwealth is located in the Antilles region of the Caribbean Sea, among many famous tourist destinations such as: St-Marten, Anguilla and St-Barthelemy.

With its size of 750 square kilometers (290 sq mi), a population of 71,293 at the 2011 Census, Dominica is a beautiful preserve island with the reputation of being: The Nature Island. The official language is English and the capital is Roseau.

In 1993 the concept of Economic Citizenship was introduced and by amendment to the Citizenship Act, applicant could apply for the Dominica citizenship, following approval of their file and by completing the stipulated investment.

The Government of Dominica use the economic citizenship program as a tool for national development and as such, the investments are used towards public and private sector projects where need is identified.

Public sector projects identified for financing under the program include (1) building of schools, (2) renovation of hospitals, (3) building of a national Sports stadium and (4) towards the promotion of the Offshore Sector.
With respect to private sector projects, government emphasis is on the tourism, information technology and agricultural sectors.

Chapter VII of the Constitution sets out the conditions under which citizenship may be obtained or granted and we expose below the mains elements of this program:


  • Fast Processing within 3 to 6 months with inclusion of dependent children below the age of 25
  • No physical residency requirements
  • No education or management experience required
  • No taxes on capital gains, gift, wealth and inheritance
  • No need to renounce current citizenship (Dual citizenship)
  • Visa free to more than 125 countries, some of them are:

Anguilla, Antigua & Barbuda, Aruba, Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Bermuda, Anguilla, Antigua & Barbuda, Aruba, Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Bermuda, Bonaire, Cambodia, Cape Verde Islands, Cayman Islands, China, Chile, Colombia, Comore Islands, Cook Islands, Costa Rica, Cuba, Curacao, Djibouti (Republic), Dominica, Dominican Republic, Egypt, Ethiopia, Fiji, Gambia, Georgia, Gibraltar, Grenada, Guadeloupe (French West Indies), Guernsey, Guyana, Haiti, Hong Kong, Iran, Iraq, Ireland, Isle of Man, Isles des Saintes (French West Indies), Jamaica, Jersey, Jordan, Kenya, Korea (Republic), Kuwait, Lao Peoples Dem. Rep., Lesotho, Macao, Madagascar, Malawi, Malaysia, Maldives, Marie Galante (French West Indies), Martinique (French West Indies), Mauritius, Micronesia, Montserrat, Mozambique, Nepal, Nicaragua, Niue, Palau Islands, Panama, Peru, Philippines, Pitcairn, Rwanda *, Samoa, Sao Tome & Principe, Sark, Seychelles, Singapore, Solomon Islands, St. Barthélemy, St. Helena, St. Kitts-Nevis, St. Lucia, St. Maarten, St. Vincent & Grenadines, Suriname, Syria, Thailand, Togo, Tonga, Trinidad & Tobago, Turks & Caicos Islands, Turkey, Uganda, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, Vanuatu, Venezuela, Virgin Islands (UK) ,Zambia. Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland

NOTE: Travellers are encouraged to contact the relevant authorities of the country they intend to visit, as visa requirements may change without notice.



Upon payment of retainer fee, Carte Blanche Immigration Services will provide the applicant with the Application kit, which contains the required application documents checklist, forms and instructions.


Application forms and all the supporting documents are reviewed by our team and then the application is submitted to Dominican Authorities.


Once application is approved, Dominican Authorities will issue comfort letter (pre-approval).


Upon receipt of Comfort Letter, the stipulated investment should then be deposited into the escrow account of the Commonwealth of Dominica.


Upon final approval of application by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Immigration and Labour, each applicant is required to sign an Oath of allegiance before a Notary Public, Justice of Peace or Commissioner of Oaths. A Certificate of Naturalization is then prepared and forwarded to us.


Upon receipt of Naturalization Certificate, passports can be procured by submitting the relevant documents


  • Investors must be over 21 years of age
  • Applicants for Economic Citizenship must be of outstanding character
  • Application must be on the prescribed form and all necessary supporting documentation must be provided. Carte Blanche will assist you and submit the applications on your behalf
  • Applicants must have a basic knowledge of the English language
  • Each investor/applicant under the program shall deposit into the appropriate account at the National Commercial Bank of Dominica the amount of their investment. This amount shall not be withdrawn from the account unless the application is withdrawn, rejected or approved. In either of the first two cases the applicant will be refunded. However, if the application is rejected because of false information or declarations, forged or fraudulent documents submitted by the applicant then the investment will be forfeited to the Commonwealth of Dominica and shall not be refunded
  • If the application is refused, all sums (net of bank charges and exchange rate differential) paid into the designated account shall be refunded to the applicant within one (1) month of the rejection of the application. However, no sums paid as fees to Government on applications for economic citizenship shall be refunded. A request for refund shall be addressed to the Minister for Finance
PACKAGE A:Single Applicant Investment of US$100,000.00 (non-refundable)
PACKAGE B:Family Application One (Applicant and spouse) Investment of US$175,000.00 (non-refundable)
PACKAGE C:Family Application Two (Applicant plus spouse and two children below the age of 18) Investment of US$200,000.00 (non-refundable)
PACKAGE D:Family Application Three (Applicant plus spouse and more than two children below the age of 18) Investment of US$200,000.00 and US$50,000.00 for every additional person below the age of 18 (non-refundable)

With the exception of the spouse of the main applicant, dependents over 18 years, an additional fee of $50,000.00 is payable to the Government.

  • Processing Fee – US $ 3,000 (per application)
  • Naturalization Fee – US $ 750
  • Due Diligence fee – US $ 7,500 for applicant
  • Due Diligence fee – US $ 7,500 for spouse
  • Due Diligence fee – US $ 4,000 for dependent above age 16




Carte Blanche Immigration services will advise and guide the applicant about necessary documents required to process the application upon signing of retainer agreement.


Carte Blanche Immigration Services professional fees vary depending on the applicants profile (case to case basis). However, our fees include all the following services:

  • Initial discussion with dedicated consultant to discuss your case and eligibility requirements
  • Professional advice regarding the application procedure
  • Review of supporting documentation and forms
  • Preparation of documents and all the necessary attestation, translation and notarization assistance
  • Submission of application and Liaison with various government authorities
  • Obtaining comfort letter (pre-approval)
  • Confirmation of Interview with Dominican Authorities and Interview preparation
  • Follow up of the application until approval and grant of Certificate of Naturalization
  • Processing of passport application and issuance of Passport


  • Program running since 1993
  • Country member of the Commonwealth
  • Investment is only made after case study and approval
  • Recognized passport & citizenship


  • Can I renounce my previous citizenship after I get Dominica citizenship?
  • Yes, you can. However, dual citizenship is permitted in Dominica so there is no need to consider renunciation.

  • Is it possible to change my name while applying for the citizenship?
  • You may only change your name after one year of receiving Citizenship. Name changes are made through the Deed Poll procedure. After which you can apply for the passport under your new name. Your previous name is not noted in your new passport.

  • Will my Dominica citizenship be revoked if the Economic Citizenship Program is stopped?
  • No. You are bestowed 100% legitimate citizenship, backed by Constitution and necessary legislation of the country. According to this legislation, you are also exempt from the term of obligatory residence in the country (which is 5 years) in exchange for non-refundable investment into the economy of the country.

  • Is the citizenship valid for my entire life time?
  • Yes.

  • Is there a difference between a citizen born in Dominica and one who acquired its passport by Economic Citizenship programs?
  • No, both are equal before the Constitution and benefits from the same rights and obligations.

  • Is the citizenship pass along to future generations?
  • Yes, By paying a additional Government fees for the new born child.

  • When do I transfer my investment?
  • The investment is only made upon analysis of our complete file and the written approval of your application by the Government; If your case is refused you simply don’t make the investment.

  • Will I have to pay taxes?
  • It is a tax-free country for non-resident and there is no worldwide income-tax, no capital gains tax and no inheritance tax.

  • Is a personal visit required to Dominica to acquire passport?
  • No, not required as most of the work is taken care by us. But, if you prefer you can come to Dominica and get to know more on the investments here like real estate, Business Investment etc. We do encourage our clients to come visit Dominica for investing in real estate and have a personal discussion with our lawyers and real estate developers.

Carte blanche has a very professional personals specially like Mr. Mustafa. They are guiding with the easiest and shortest ways for your visa's and immigration needs I am the one of the witnesses who succeed to have European Visa and considering carte blanche my single solution for Immigration or and any kind of visa consultant.