Portugal was once upon a time, a powerful maritime empire. Today, it is better known for its manufacturing and construction industry. Portugal also ranks within the top 20 spots when it comes to quality of life. This European country is also known for its crisp wines, smoked food, cinematic scenery and cultural festivals. It is no surprise to note that people who visit this country once often find themselves wanting to live here.
In an effort to make this a reality, Portugal introduced the Golden Visa program in 2012. This is a fast-track route for foreign investors to attain a residency permit in Portugal. This residency permit allows an individual and his or her family to live, work and study in Portugal and travel freely within most of the Schengen countries. The Golden Visa program can also speed up the process of getting Portuguese citizenship.

Fast Facts
  • Location: South West Europe
  • Capital: Lisbon
  • Time difference: WET (UTC), AZOT (UTC−1)
  • Total Area: 92,212 km2
  • Population: 10,379,573 (2016)
  • Calling Code: +351
  • Languages: Portuguese, English
  • Religions: 81.0% Roman Catholic, 3.3% Christians, 0.6% other religion, 6.8% atheist
  • Government Type: Unitary semi-presidential constitutional republic
  • Currency: Euro
  • Exchange rate: 0.81 EURO = 1 USD (2018)
  • Industries: Agriculture, Fishing, Manufacturing and Mining
Golden Visa Program Qualifications

Qualifying conditions for this program include:

  • Applicant must not be an EU or EEA citizen;
  • Applicant must have a good character;
  • Applicant must not have been convicted of a crime that is punishable by more than a 1 year imprisonment.
  • Applicant must have a valid passport and Schengen visa
  • Applicant must be able to make the necessary investment.
Golden Visa Program Investment Options:

There are three ways an investment may be made for the Golden Visa Program.

  • Property Acquisitions
  • Acquire property valued at more than € 500,000
    1. This can be in the form of a single or multiple properties
    2. Value may be reduced by 20% if property is in a low density population area
  • Acquire property valued at more than € 350,000
    1. Property must be more than 30 years old
    2. Value may be reduced by 20% if property is in a low density population area
  • Transfer of Funds
  • Transfer Funds above € 1,000,000
  • Funds may be used to invest in company shares
  • Transfer of Funds valued at a minimum of € 350,000
  • Funds may be used for research activities carried out by private or public scientific research institutions
  • Minimum Transfer of Funds valued at € 250,000
  • Funds may be used as investment towards artistic productions or the maintenance and recovery of national heritage

  • Transfer of Funds of at least € 500,000
  • Investment may be used to purchase shares in venture capital or investment funds of small and medium size companies
  • Job Creation
  • no minimum investment amount
  • No limitation on activities / areas
  • Must comply with social security obligations
  • Must create at least 10 jobs for Portuguese citizens
  • If investment is made in a low density population area, job creation may be reduced to 8 jobs
Golden Visa Program Steps
  • Step 1: Pre-register online for application
  • Step 2: Make investments
  • Step 3: Submit application and supporting documents and pay fees online or in person
  • Step 4: Submit biometric details
  • Step 5: Receive your Residence Permit

This permit must be renewed at the end of year 1 and year 3. After completing 5 years, the applicant may apply for a permanent resident status and after 6 years, he or she may apply for citizenship.

Application Fees
  • Processing fee to be paid at the time of application and renewal: € 517.40 per applicant
  • Processing fee per family member: € 80.60
  • Golden Visa initial fee: € 5,173.60 per applicant
  • Golden Visa renewal fee – € 2,586.80 per applicant

* please note the fees are subject to change, hence please contact our office to current fees.