Location: Central Europe; Capital: Budapest; Total Area: 93,030 km²; Population: 9,855,571; Language: Hungarian (official); Religion: Christianity; Government Type: Unitary Parliamentary Constitutional Republic; Currency: Forint (FT); Exchange rate: 1 FT = .0036 USD; GDP (per capita): $13,487 USD; GDP (purchasing power parity): $132.683 Billion USD (2016 estimate).


The Hungarian Investment Immigration Program called “Residency Bond Program” was established in 2012 allowing investors to apply for Hungarian residency permits. The permanent residence holders are exempted from minimum stay requirements for maintaining the Hungarian residency.

There is no minimum educational nor management experience requirements to the foreign investors. The Hungarian administration officers, however, may request for a simple interview with the applicant on a case by case basis.


  • One time application process for the main applicant and all qualifying dependent family members (Spouse, minor and major dependent), including parents, without age restrictions
  • The application is submitted at the Hungarian consulate of the main applicants place of residence or citizenship
  • No mandatory trips to Hungary required
  • The application process takes approximately 30 to 60 days to obtain PR status from the date of filing of application
  • No mandatory requirements for proof of Residential address inside Hungary (The requirement has been waived)
  • Hungary is a member of Schengen, the European Union and NATO which allows residence permit holders freedom of travel within European Union (member nations) without visa
  • Fully guaranteed investment, returned in full after 5 years
  • Free movement throughout Europe’s Schengen zone
  • Could be eligible to apply for citizenship after 8 years of residence


Foreign direct investment in the Investor Residency Bond Program through purchase of special Hungarian government bonds for the said amount of €300,000 with a maturity of five years. At maturity, the original capital is returned to the investor without accrued interest.NOTE: There is also financing option available. Please contact us for further details.


  • Investment of €300,000 in special Hungarian government bonds with a maturity of five years (funds are lock-in for a period of minimum 5 years). At maturity, the original capital is returned to the investor without accrued interest
  • Financing option: When available, the entire said amount of €300,000 could be financed for a set fee to be paid in advance. The loan is initiated and repaid at no further cost to the investor. Please contact us for complete details.