Dominica – Economic Citizenship Program

October 30, 2020

Citizens of Dominica may travel visa-free to all the countries of the European Union, Hong Kong, and the U.K.  Dominica is a fast, efficient program, and offers both cash and real estate investment options.

On February 2020, the Dominica Government implemented the following small changes to its processing:

  • A world check / pre-screening due diligence check (for the principal applicant) is now required at file submission.  This check must be conducted by a reputable due diligence company and will confirm that the applicant is not on any watch lists.
  • Applicants must not have been refused a visa by a country with which Dominica has a visa-waiver agreement (e.g. the Schengen area, or the U.K.).
  • Clients of Iran, Sudan, or North Korea nationality will only be accepted if:
    • they have lived outside that country for at least 10 years and
    • they do not have substantial assets in that country and
    • they have not performed any business activity in that country.

So, an applicant of Iranian nationality could apply if he/she provided a detailed source of funds showing that the funds were earned in another country (and funds must be transferred from that other country).

On July 2020, the Dominica government announced a reduction under the Economic Diversification Fund.

Single applicant USD 100,000
Applicant + spouse USD 150,000
Applicant + 3 dependents USD 175,000

For more details, please download our company brochure under the Dominica Citizenship Program page.