USA – EB5 Program

October 30, 2020

Note: The EB-5 investment level has been increased to USD $900,000 in November 2019.

A new approach to visa processing came into effect on March 31, 2020, which aims to speed up processing times for under-represented countries.  Going forward, EB-5 I-526 petitions will no longer be processed in the order received, but instead processing will favour applicants from countries where visas are immediately available.

EB-5 project is available: Hyatt Fort Lauderdale Phase II:

  • 11 units available at USD $998,675 ($900,000 investment, plus all fees)
  • Job creation requirement has already been met/exceeded
  • Construction will be completed in 2020
  • Phase II investors’ capital will replace 8% of developer’s equity; no minimum EB-5 raise required
  • Applicant will receive a full refund after 5 years, plus 2% interest ($USD $990,000), so the applicant’s net cost is just  $8,675

If you would like to receive full program details, please let us know.

Under EB5, there is no language requirement, no age limit, and no management experience requirement.  Applicants must have a net worth of minimum $1 million USD and be able to document the source and path of funds for the investment and fees.