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From Legal Immigration Needs to Everything In Between, We Are Here to Help You Moving from one country to another is no longer something you merely dream about. The world is becoming smaller every day and you don’t necessarily need to be born in a country to liv... more

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Latest Immigration Updates October 2017

October 31, 2017      Carte Blanche

USA – EB5 Program The current EB5 program has been stretched out to December 8, 2017. The below program changes more

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Make the World Your Home: Find Trusted Immigration lawyers & Consultants at Your Service

In today’s constantly changing world, individuals and families from certain under developed countries or from countries of conflicts are constantly looking to obtain residency and citizenship in development countries for the purpose freedom to live, work, and travel. Carte Blanche Immigration Services helps you wade the complex, bureaucratic process of migration. We are one of the most trusted firms in Dubai, UAE, and the United Kingdom for providing trustworthy and cost-effective immigration services for residency and second citizenship services. You can be rest assured that we’ll put the best experts at work to expedite your application for successful conclusion on your immigration / visa applications.

Providing Convenient, Superior Immigration Services in Dubai and the United Kingdom

At Carte Blanche Immigration Services, we provide a myriad of immigration services, including but not limited to immigration based on Investment or one’s education qualification. Some of the other relevant applications that we also commondly handle are student visa applications, business immigration, Economic citizenship (commonly known as Second citizenship) programs, visitor visa applications and more. Our immigration lawyers provide customized solutions to suit all your unique needs. Our services are divided into broad categories that include the following custom solutions:

  • Immigration services;
  • Immigration based on various Investment programs;
  • Economic citizenship program (Second citizenship);
  • Dual citizenship;
  • Sponsorship applications;
  • Visa services
  • Refused applications and appeals;
Our immigration services for residency and second citizenship are available for UK, USA, Canada, Portugal, Poland, St. Kitts and Nevis , Antigua & Barbuda , Dominica , and Grenada among other countries. Our expertise in the rules and regulations of migration and citizenship in these countries allows us to help you with the right advice and guidance, with no rejections or delays.

You could definitely count on Our Team of Professional Immigration Lawyers for Hassle-Free Migration:

Whether you want to migrate to a new country to re-establish your life with your family or want to travel for business, education, or leisure, you will find the right guidance at Carte Blanche Immigration Services. Our team is comprised of experienced immigration lawyers and immigration consultants who are up to date with the changing government policies and regulations of immigration laws. From helping you file fresh applications to assisting you with a refused visa application, our team can do it all. Our team can also take care of judicial reviews and provide other legal solutions for your immigration and citizenship needs.

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